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Ioana Singureanu is a resident fine art painter at The Brush Art Gallery and Studios. Ioana’s paintings capture the energy, light, and color of her subjects:  the city of Lowell, New England’s natural beauty, the human form, or abstract concepts. Her strong brush strokes tell a story, conveys a sense of place, or inspire a feeling; color and share are used to draw in its viewers and connect them with the subject. Ioana works in oil, acrylics, or mixed media from intimate pieces to public art works.
Since 2008, Ioana studied painting at the Brush Art Gallery with Deirdre McCullogh Grunwald, one of Lowell’s leading artist who introduced her to oil painting, still life, portraiture, and landscape painting. Under Deirdre’s guidance, Ioana developed the technique to translate her vision into fine art.
Her own story of "coming to America" started at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA where graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1997.  

The Brush Gallery and Studio Artists studio work, and lead community programs at The Brush Art Gallery and Studios in the historic downtown of Lowell, Massachusetts, near the National Historical Park visitor center