Christmas Wreaths

Sometimes the best way to approach a problem is to think... inside the wreath. I added a 5in x 5in painting inside the wreath and painted bronze/patina to enhance the texture of natural branches. 

The story started with the Festival of Wreaths call from The Brush Art Gallery, I had planned three art wreaths but I ended up with a whole series of "wreath inspired" works and installations using driftwood and other found objects - some of them found in an old box of Christmas decorations.

Wreath inspired by my framed oil painting.

Wreath inspired by my framed oil painting.


Mona Lisa of WiNdham

A speckled hen steps forward to cluck her demand for corn or complain about the geese ... a month later she was immortalized as "Ms. Lisa of Johnson' Farm, Windham,NH". #monalisa of #windhmanh and was accepted the juried  2017 Annual Members Exhibition @thebrushgallery

Later, farmer Scott Johnson, told a me a great story about this hen: chicken fanciers  from Rhode Island offered to buy her but Scott could not part with her. He confirmed that I captured the likeness.

Here is what farmer Scott told me about Ms.Lisa: "A young couple had come 2 summers ago and they wanted "Ms. £isa" to go home with them to their Massachusett's coupe of beautiful hens. They had never seen such a hen. It was a young presumably married couple and i really wanted to honor their request. After all, i have so many. I knew Ms. £isa probably would have been given more zealous attention in her fancier coupe. But alas, selfishly i told them regrettably my hen lived in Windham and it was my wish, she stayed. So many children and parents alike have marveled at her beauty and unique feathering. What a wonderful likeness, Ioana. Thank you for sharing. I too was hoping to paint a picture of a rooster or hen one day soon. I have a blank canvas setting upon an easel. This maybe just the inspiration i need. With all my might, i couldn't do as well as you have here."

20171125_150842 (1).jpg